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There are two things that really slow down your website. One, a bad host. Two, huge pictures – many people don’t think about optimizing website images. The hosting talk is for another day though I recommend Big Scoots Hosting.  It’s what I use for my sites and my clients’ sites! Today we will talk about how to speed up your website by optimizing your pictures! There are a few rules I follow when putting pictures on my website.

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  1. Try to keep image size under 400kb if possible.
  2. Upload images in the jpg (or jpeg) format unless transparency is necessary (then use png).
  3. Keep max image width around 1200 unless the image will be used as a full screen background.
  4. Use an image-squishing plugin to squeeze the most out of your optimization.  (For example, https://shortpixel.com/)

Here are my steps for working with a photo.  I’ll give an example of a photo used from deposit photos.  This is an extreme situation.  Most of your photos will start much smaller and will be easier to work with.  I will do both with and without Photoshop.  Photoshop makes it so easy! Before optimizing my file was 5.9MB AGH!! Do NOT upload those huge files to your site!


With Photoshop

  1. Open the file in photoshop.
  2. File, Export, Save for Web (Legacy).
  3. Upload to website!
  4. Squish with plugin (if desired). – I use ShortPixel!

See the process here: (from 5.9 MB to 114 KB!)

Without Photoshop

  1. Resize the files using program of your choice if extremely large.  Example: http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/
  2. Download file and then upload to tinypng.com
  3. Download file and then upload to website.
  4. Squish with plugin (if desired). – I use ShortPixel!

See the process here: (from 5.9 MB to 247 KB!)

I know this all seems like a big annoying step, but I PROMISE you it is worth it in saving loading time for your website!

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  1. Anna

    Hello there ,
    I was using the picture compressor tool you mentioned on your page here: pitchclipsgraphics.com/optimizing-images-for-your-wordpress-website/
    While tinypng.com does a good job, I just wanted to share about another tool, that I think looks better. After some exploring I found this other tool and I wanted to suggest you show it along that one.
    This tools allows you to compress both jpeg and png files and each picture can be up to 50 MB in size!
    In hope I helped back,

    • Shelley Tomich

      Thank you Anna! I did a couple of tests with website planet and found that tinypng’s output was better looking for my files that were my average 1-2mb in size. However it did a great job on some of my stock photos that were extremely large. Thanks for sharing!


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