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From $50/month (3 month initial commitment required)

Tired of keeping up with updates for your WordPress website? Let me help! I do WordPress maintenance for teacherpreneurs who want to focus on creating.  This plan is for those that want to use their own host, but have me do website management.

5% discount on 6 month plans.
10% discount on yearly plans.

*Note: If you have a woocommerce site on a subdomain like shop.mycoolsite.com and also a blog at mycoolsite.com you will need two plans to cover both sites.  They function as two completely separate websites and require twice as many plugins, maintenance tasks, etc. 🙂

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Tired of keeping up with updates for your WordPress website? Let me help! I do WordPress maintenance for teacherpreneurs who want to focus on creating.  This plan is for those that want WordPress Maintenance on their chosen host (purchased separately).

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The plan includes:

  • Daily backups.
  • Managed WordPress updates.
  • Managed theme updates.
  • Managed plugin updates.
  • Security Scans.
  • Uptime monitoring.
  • Monthly website reporting.
  • Image optimization

The plan does NOT include:

  • Managed Domain Registration (Contact Me for this)
  • Site edits including but not limited to the creation and formatting of images for your site, creation and formatting of pages for your site, creation and formatting of posts for your site, changing design elements of your site including menus, links, sidebars, fonts, etc, setting up and formatting email collection forms, setting up and maintaining your email list, setting up an e-commerce platform, loading or formatting of e-commerce products, interpretation of Google Analytics or Google Page Speed Insight, or SEO Optimization (recommendations can be made but work requires additional fee).
  • Full website creation.
  • Hosting.

Note: This is a subscription product.  You will be charged each month, 6 months, or year (depending on the payment terms you select) until you cancel your subscription.  Please read the FAQ to see what happens when you cancel your subscription. See here for FAQ!  

Definitions of terms you may not understand but should be aware of:

Domain – the address where your website lives (www.exampleofdomain.com).  You need to obtain a domain from a domain registrar and then use DNS records to tell the domain registrar where the files for your website are hosted.  If you would like me to manage the registration of your domain, please contact me.

Host  – This is a computer that literally hosts the files that make up your website.  You need to purchase computer space (called server space) from a hosting company.  I do my managed hosting through a great company called BigScoots.  You can manage your hosting through me or sign up for your own!  This plan means that if you have problems at the server level, you will be the one to deal with these problems as I will not have access to your host.

WordPress – Think of this as the operating system for your website.  If you were on blogger or SquareSpace, you were on a different website operating system.

Theme – This is the framework that styles your website.  It gives you templates of how things will generally look, though customization is still required.  It is kind of like using a template for PowerPoint – the bones are there but you still need to go in and make it your own with custom fonts, colors, and layouts.

Child Theme – This is another level of a framework to style your website.  It basically takes your main theme (template) and stores the changes you make.  The reason for doing this is when the theme creator releases an update to the main theme, your customizations can be erased with every update.  With a child theme, the main theme is updated and the child theme template changes will still remain on top, preserving your customization.

Plugins –  These are small pieces of pre-written code that allow you to do special things on your website.  There is literally a plugin for everything.  Some are free, some are paid.  Just be careful not to install too many plugins as it could slow down your website.


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