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There is a white Pitch Clips banner.
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TpT and Mac: Creating a Preview

Creating a preview for your TpT products is one of the best things you can do for your product. If you have a mac, the process is super easy!

Previews sell. It is really that simple. If your customers can see what they are buying, they are more likely to pull the trigger. When possible, I try to show every page of my product. The only exception is if I need to hide something that is more idea-based that someone could easily reproduce without my product. (This rarely happens).

The quickest way for me to do a preview is to use a combination of programs on the Mac.

Take a look at how simple it can be!

I start with using the preview app and printing to PDF. This is followed by flattening the PDF as described here. Next, add a watermark and flatten with PDF Squeezer.
Here is how to do the watermark automation!

Note! I use the app Keyboard Maestro to automate the process even more!

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