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TpT and Mac: Flattening a PDF

Do you use a mac computer to create TpT products? You are going to be AMAZED at how EASY it is to flatten your product! Bonus - the tool is FREE!!!

When you purchase clipart from TpT, most clipartists require you to “flatten” the clipart. This means you are taking a page with lots of pieces of clipart and text and combining them into one image that appears on the page. This is to prevent end-users from being able to copy and paste individual pieces of clipart.

Learning how to flatten a product is a big step in creating products for TpT.

A common method is to export each page as an individual picture and then recombine them as one document. This is a time-consuming process if done manually!

Instead, I take advantage of a native program to the mac called Automator to automate the process.

Here is an overview of flattening a document:

This is how to setup Automator to do PDF to IMAGES:

This is how to do PDF to Image to PDF:


I LOVE this program to reduce file sizes for PDF! It is a paid program but worth every penny!

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