TpT Clipart Tribe Presents: Franken-Doodle-Stein Halloween Blog Hop

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This past week, 12 INCREDIBLE artists from the TpT Clipart Tribe came together to create something absolutely amazing!! For the first time, we brought our skills and artistic styles together and each artist was allowed to add a unique piece to create our very own Franken{doodle}stein.  We all happened to be chatting about the things that really challenge our artistic skills (mine is hands if you want to know – notice I did NOT draw the hands, lol) and Michelle from The 3AM Teacher was like, wouldn’t it be cool if we could all just draw the parts we like?   So we did!

My Part

Click the image below to download the pants and then hop on over to the next blog to grab some more goodies an the next piece to our Franken-Doodle-Stein!!

Click the image below to hop on over to MELONHEADZ ILLUSTRATIONS to download Franken-Doodle-Stein’s other pieces & to some goodies from her shop and blog.



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  1. luanne ashby

    boots link broken. I’ve printed the rest. I really want this. It is awesome!

  2. Anonymous

    Absolutely brilliant! Thanks heaps for these amazing pants! Can’t wait to watch my 2 kids cutting out all the pieces 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Mine had so much fun with it! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Awesome pants (hee hee!). It’s such fun seeing all the different pieces some together!

    • Anonymous

      Right? I can’t wait to do another!

  4. Anonymous
    • Anonymous
  5. Anonymous
    • Anonymous

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