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This is a series of video tutorials on how to transfer your products from TpT to WooCommerce. I suggest you read and watch this entire page before starting.

Don’t want to deal with it? I do offer Transfer Services!

WooCommerce should be installed with your desired features before attempting this. It is much easier if everything is set including but not limited to the base plugin, your file delivery method (I use Dropbox), your payment methods (I use Paypal, Stripe, and Purchase Orders), pricing features (I use bundles and dynamic discounts), and a terms and conditions page.

Contact me if you interested in learning more about the base WooCommerce setup!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full terms and conditions here.

File Delivery Method

The four main file delivery methods I am familiar with are:

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a file storage method provided by Amazon. It is cheap and secure, but not very user-friendly. There is a plugin that can manage it for you, but you are NOT allowed to link to downloads of folders (zipped files – yes, but folders- no). I do not recommend it for some sellers because of the tech challenges in learning to use it. Also, I enjoy the flexibility of linking to folders instead of single files. If you decide to use Amazon S3, here is a tutorial on how to update your products with S3:

Google Drive

Most people are very familiar with Google Drive, however, the clients I have that have used Google Drive have had nothing but problems. The links don’t work, the files don’t download, or customers get confused. I do not recommend Google Drive to host products at this time.

Hosted on your site

Hosting products on your site (uploading to the media library) is an option, but you should first talk to your hosting provider. Hosting files on your site can GREATLY increase the size of the files on your server and can drain server resources as people download them from your site. This is an option if your host says they will support it (and be sure to ask if it costs extra!!)


This is my current choice because it is inexpensive, works reliably, and I can link to an automatic download of a folder. This means I can change out the contents of my folder without changing my link or rezipping! See below!

Categories, Tags, and Attributes

Another thing you need to prep is your store’s categories, tags, custom taxonomies (optional, and attributes (optional). These are similar to the custom categories in your TpT Store. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to transfer them over from TpT. Before setting up your products, set up your categories, tags, taxonomies, and attributes. Some of the things you see in the video will need custom code or will depend on your particular theme. Contact me if you need help installing custom taxonomies!

Exporting Products from TpT

You will be visiting this site: From there you will download your products from TpT and then import them into your WooCommerce store. This video is how to import them without a lot of modification of the CSV file Bearwood labs gives you.

Cleaning up Your Products

Yay! Now your products are in your store but we need to do a few things (every store will be slightly different but this list will get you started):

  • Tidy up the description
    • Replace TpT links.
    • Check the formatting.
    • Remove references to TpT like “Follow Me” or “Feedback Credit!”
  • Add your keywords and meta information.
  • Add your short description.
  • Check your price.
  • Add upsells and crossells (optional).
  • Add categories, tags, and/or attributes.
  • Apply your email marketing tags (optional).
  • Add a preview (optional).
  • Adjust FAQ (optional).
  • Add your download link <— MOST IMPORTANT!
  • Publish!

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picture of shopping cart with text "Import TpT Products to WooCommerce"
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