Note: I am booking October 2022 and beyond for this service! Please contact me with questions! I have more current availability for maintenance onboarding and small tasks.

This is a series of videos to walk you through things to consider when implementing WooCommerce on your site.

This does not cover EVERY feature WooCommerce has but covers the ones I am frequently asked about based on my experience with teacherpreneurs. If you have an additional feature you want, feel free to ask about it!

Watch the videos and fill out the form next to the videos. If you have any other questions, there is a place on the form to add your thoughts! As you fill out the video, it will provide a quote. Please note that this is just an estimate based on the average installation and plugin cost of previous installs.

Your price may be slightly higher or lower, but the changes will be communicated as we move forward in the process.

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links. You may find my full disclosure policy here.


I'm excited for you to try out WooCommerce!  I have two stores on WooCommerce - one for my music ed store and one for my graphics store!

I have learned a lot over the past few years and I look forward to sharing that knowledge with you!

Grab a notebook and a pen. You might want to take notes about some decisions you will need to make.  These don't have to be permanent decisions - you can always come back and add stuff or change things, but if we can do it right from the start it will be a win for all!

Delivering Files to Customers

Let's discuss how your customers will receive their products.

When customers purchase from your Woocommerce store, they will be sent a link via email to download.  In addition, there will be buttons on their "my account" page to download items.

Some people choose to store their files directly on their website.  I do not recommend this for a couple of reasons.

  1. It makes it harder to update products.  Every time you update you will have to come back and re-set the download link.  Time-consuming!
  2. Having all these large files on the website server can really drag your site down over time.  Most people forget to delete the old file when uploading the new.
  3. You will have to pay your host for the server space for all these files.


Instead, I recommend using cloud storage, specifically Dropbox.  You will need to upgrade to Dropbox Pro as the free Dropbox sometimes will restrict the number of times a customer can download a product.  Not good!  Some features Dropbox offers:

  1. You can do selective sync on your computer.  This means your files can live in the cloud.  You don't HAVE to use up space on your computer.
  2. You can set the Dropbox link to automatically download for the customer.  Customers get confused when they click "download" and a new browser window opens.
  3. You can link to a Dropbox folder.  At any time you can change the contents of the folder and the link contents will automatically update.  You will still want to let your customer know you updated the information, but you will not have to re-do the link in Woocommerce.


If you are a big Google Drive, Drive, or Amazon S3 fan, you CAN use these to host your products but you lose some of the features Dropbox offers.

Here is my take on Dropbox:

Payment Methods

Let's discuss which payment methods you will take.

On my website, I take Paypal, Stripe, and Purchase Orders.  I traditionally get equal purchases with Paypal and Stripe.  Paypal payments are sent to your Paypal account.  I highly recommend you have separate business and personal Paypal accounts.

Stripe takes credit cards directly and then deposits your money directly into your checking account.  Again, I recommend you have a separate business checking account.

Both payment gateways take about 3% commission.  

Why do you need both? 

Some people do not realize you don't have to have Paypal to checkout with a credit card.  It is easier to offer a non-Paypal option than to answer question after question about payments.  

What about Purchase Orders?

I take purchase orders via email AND via direct upload with WooCommerce! 

I currently use two paid plugins to do Purchase Orders - One for the purchase order part and another for custom order statuses to track Purchase Orders.  PO plugins can be added later.

Note: This is what works for me.  Should you desire additional payment methods such as Google Pay, Android Pay, Venmo, etc.  feel free to contact me.

COSTS : Square and Paypal are free to use but require a 3% commission on sales.

The Purchase Order gateway plugin is about $100 (one-time fee).  The Custom Order Status plugin is about $50/year.



Sales Tax, GST, VAT

Let's talk for just a minute about the dreaded Sales Tax issue.   First, let me give the usual disclaimer that I am not a tax professional and this should not be taken as legal or accounting advice.  I also live in Georgia (USA) - your state or country may have different rules!  In addition, the courts are currently changing laws on taxation of digital downloads.  This is my interpretation of the law as it stands.

General Information

  • You will need to research every country to find out about taxes that need to be paid for that country.

Country-Specific (Note: Subject to change at any time and my interpretation of the law).

  • EU
    • Every person is supposed to pay VAT (sales tax) on everything sold to the European Union.  For that reason, I do not currently sell directly to the European Union.


  • Japan
    • Consumption Tax (Sales Tax) must be paid when your shipped hard goods pass through customs in Japan unless their value is under 10,000 Yen (approximately $90).  Import Duties are paid at floating rates depending on your shipped items.
    • No digital items or consumption tax is owed if 12-month sales are less than $90,000 to Japan.
  • Australia
    • Generally, there is no requirement to pay duty and Goods and Services Tax (GST) on imported goods valued at or below $750, except for alcohol and/or tobacco products.
    • No GST on Digital Goods is charged as long as your annual sales remain under $54,600/year.
  • Canada
    • Under the provisions of the Postal Imports Remission Order, if someone mails you an item worth CAN$20 or less, there is no duty or tax payable. If the item is worth more than CAN$20, you must pay the applicable duty, the GST or HST, and any PST on the item's full value.
    • Canadian business owners with gross revenue of less than $30,000 CAD per year don’t have to register to collect and remit GST or HST. The same small supplier exception applies to U.S. sellers who ship less than $30,000 of orders into Canada.
    • If your business will collect over $30,000 in revenue a year in Canada, you’ll be required to charge and remit GST/HST.  Until then, you do not have to collect taxes for Canada.

  The United States

  • You must pay sales tax for the states you have a current "Sales Tax Nexus."  Each state defines this differently, but as a quick definition - basically, the state you live in, any state you have a physical store in, any state you do significant sales in (Economic Nexus), and any state you keep inventory in.
  • Read more about the Economic Nexus here.   In short, if you do significant sales in a single state (lowest threshold was $10,000 or 200 transactions), you have an economic nexus in that state. 


WooCommerce very easily sets you up to charge sales tax for FREE in one state (the state you live in).  You are in charge of remitting the taxes, but Woo Services will take care of sales tax for one state.

If you need to charge multiple states you will need to sign up for a service like Avalara or TaxJar (what I currently use).  In some cases you can also pay for them to remit the tax for you. 

Though I am happy to help connect Avalara or TaxJar, I do not do any work as far as working ON or  

You can contact your account (or use mine - - Emily is very familiar with TpT)

COSTS: Avalara and TaxJar are both paid services.  WooCommerce Tax is free for one state, but you are in charge of remitting taxes to the state.   If you are remitting to multiple states, you will need to upgrade to Avalara or TaxJar

Custom Tabs

WooCommerce displays product information in tabs, like a file folder system.  The information you can put in these tabs is limited unless you install a custom plugin.

I use a plugin to provide a space to put my FAQs, Reward Points, and Preview (the most important part!).

Watch the video to learn more.

Note: I mention the plugin is paid in the video but the one I use now is Free!


COSTS: Custom tabs plugin is free! In the video I said tabs was a paid plugin, but the initial version you need is free. The FAQs and Reward Points will be covered in a later section.


I LOVE creating wishlists on websites! And I do come back to buy! (I'm looking at you, Amazon Wishlist!). 

I highly suggest having a wishlist plugin on your e-commerce site. I use the free plugin. 

There is a premium version available but the free version works for my needs.

Take a look at the video for more information: (note: the plugin is FREE, not paid).