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There is a white Pitch Clips banner.
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Thanks so much for visiting my page! I am excited you are here.  Throughout the past several years on TpT, I have collected a few amazing tools to stick in my TpT toolbox.  I have listed them here for you along with links to any blog posts that do further explanations.   Be sure to take a look around and contact me with any questions!

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links.  You may find my full disclosure policy here.

Email Marketing


Convertkit is just unbeatable in the area of email marketing.  It’s not cheapest (By far!) but works great and has sooo many tagging and automation tools! They have a free get started plan too!


If you are looking for another free email marketing tool to get started with then give Mailerlite a shot!

Social Media


Tailwind is an amazing service for scheduling pins on Pinterest.  When I started using Tailwind as part of my social media marketing, my sales skyrocketed.  Though it is a bit pricey ($100/year), I find it worth every. single. penny.  You can read all about “How Tailwind Made Me Love Pinterest Again” here.  I also want to point out that their customer service and willingness to grow is unparalleled.  I use this to manage pins for Pitch Publications.


I love Smarterqueue for scheduling Facebook posts!  In the future they hope to add Pinterest and Instagram to their line up.  I can create my own library of posts as well as browse for new content to add to my library.  Facebook lets only a fraction of my followers see content so this allows me to post it more than once so that my followers will eventually see it.  They are a lot like Meet Edgar, but they are more affordable!  Also, they are constantly updating and it and adding features!

Facebook Tabs Addition

I use a cool app called There is a paid version, but I use the free version to add Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube links to my Facebook profile.



I use Dropbox to provide files to clients and to backup every. single. thing. on my computer.  It has saved me so many times with computers have failed.  Read more about Dropbox here!


I recommend two hosts and beg all of you not to cheapen out on hosting when starting a website.

I recommend BigScoots hosting as my number one choice in hosting!

WP Rocket Plugin

Want to speed up your site?  Install the advance caching plugin, WP Rocket, and it will help with site speed!

Shortpixel Plugin

I use Shortpixel to optimize my images on my website.  See the full blog post here!

Real Favicon Generator

You need to have a favicon uploaded to your site.  I love this site for creating all the options!

Favicon in



If you use nothing else from this list, use Airtable.  It is truly unbelievable for organizing information.  I use it to keep a master list of my products, to plan my week, track updates, track purchase orders, and more!


If you need to continuously share passwords with other people (including your family!) then use LastPass!


I have tried Trello, Clickup, and Asana and though all have their positives, I stuck with Asana with it’s easy to use interface and I was able to set up projects the way I needed for my team.