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This is about my process of uploading your products from TpT to your new WooCommerce store! If you don’t have WooCommerce on your site or want to learn more about WooCommerce in general, please visit my other service page.

Watch the videos and fill out the form next to the videos.  If you have any other questions, there is a place on the form to add your thoughts!

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The process starts with creating a custom Airtable (interactive spreadsheet) of your product information.  We will then use that Airtable to import your products to WooCommerce.  Finally, we will edit the information from the spreadsheet to get your final product.

The process looks like this:

  1. Create a spreadsheet (Airtable) of your products by scraping data from TpT.
  2. I will manually add some of the missing information.
  3. (Optional) You will manually add some of the missing information.
  4. Import the resulting Airtable spreadsheet into WooCommerce.
  5. Clean up each product and publish the product.

This tutorial will tell you more about the process and allow you to select options so I can adequately quote you and setup the Airtable for success.

There will be fixed costs no matter how many products you have, and costs based on the number of products you have.

The process takes about 3 weeks (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less).  Additional time is required if also creating your WooCommerce store.

Things to note:

  • The process includes product upload for products published from the date of the start of the process.  Products added after this date will be subject to additional costs.
  • I am not responsible for editing your WooCommerce product content.  You can edit your product on your site at any time.
  • Any edits to your WooCommerce setup including formatting changes, feature additions, etc. will be subject to additional costs.
  • WooCommerce cannot bundle a bundle.  Your bundle of bundles will just be a larger bundle of single products.
  • This process does not include SEO work on images including adjusting titles, adding alt text, or pin descriptions.
  • This process does not include adding Pin images to your products.


Fill out your name, email address, and link to your TpT store on the right.


If you have never used Airtable before, it is a powerful visual database tool.  A visual database is like a spreadsheet but you can easily reference and connect various amounts and types of information.


The process assumes that you have some basic options set up for your WooCommerce store.  If I set up your store, these have been addressed.  If your store was previously set up by someone else, then there may be additional charges to customize your store to match the upload process.


  • Dropbox – You are using Dropbox for your product downloads.  If you are not, there will be additional charges to get the product links from Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc. You are welcome to provide the links yourself in a spreadsheet to avoid the extra costs.  Dropbox links are included in my estimate.
  • Bundles – If you are doing bundled products, you must use the official bundle tool for WooCommerce.  Other bundle tools exist, but this is the only one I work with.
  • Previews – If you want to show previews, then you are delivering them view Dropbox using custom tabs.  If you did your woo build with me, this is taken care of.  If not, take a look at an example on my product here.
  • TpT Store  – If I am going to be in charge of getting product links, I have to have access to your TpT Store.  I would be happy to provide references as I know that feels very scary!


Is there anything that you plan to implement in a non-standard way?

Do you have any comments about this section?

Scraped Data

Using technology, I can scrape the following from TpT:
  1. Title – This becomes the product title on Woo.
  2. Price – This becomes the price on Woo.  The sale price (if applicable) becomes the sale price on Woo.
  3. Subjects – These become a Custom Taxonomy and Category on WooCommerce
  4. Grade Levels – These become a Custom Taxonomy on WooCommerce.
  5. Resource Type – These become A Custom Taxonomy and Tags on WooCommerce.
  6. File Type – I add this to the short description.
  7. File Size – I add this to the short description on Woo.
  8. Page Size – I add this to the short description on Woo.
  9. CCSS Standards – These become a custom taxonomy on WooCommerce.
  10. Image Cover and thumbnails  – Note that you will be getting the images slightly compressed from what you originally uploaded to TpT.
  11. Bundled Products – I can gather the information about your bundle products.
  12. Product Description – This becomes the product description for your Woo Products.
  13. Store Custom Categories – These become Categories on WooCommerce.
  14. Preview PDF – This becomes a preview PDF on WooCommerce.
  15. Preview Video – see the separate informational tab for this.
The pictures below show each item I am scrapping with tools.
FORM QUESTIONS: Is there anything that you would like to discuss implementing in a non-standard way? COST: This is a fixed cost regardless of the number of products.  If you have more than 1200 products, you will also need a PRO Airtable plan if you want the final Airtable. Bonus Video on Tags, Categories, Custom Taxonomies and Attributes:

Manual Edits

Sadly, I can’t use technology to help with everything and a few things we will have to do manually.  These are a per-product charge.

  1. Snippet – I can import the snippet, but we will have to edit it as TpT cuts it off.
  2. Description – I have to edit the full description for formatting on WooCommerce.
  3. Sort into Folders  – I have to manually sort the previews and products into the correct Dropbox download folder.
  4. Video Previews – I will discuss this in a separate tab.
  5. TpT Google Drive Tool Products – I cannot mimic the Google Drive Tool. For your Google Drive tool products, you will be responsible for getting me an alternative method of delivering to customers. I will reach out during the process if you have TpT Google Drive tool products.  There is not an extra charge for this as you will be responsible for the extra work for these products. I can help with how we will accomplish this.
  6. Boom Products – Due to the current Boom product terms,  you cannot use your TpT link when selling from your website.  You will need to pursue getting approval to sell them on your website; then you will need to create new download documents for your website. There is not an extra charge for this as you will be responsible for the extra work for these products. I can help with how we will accomplish this.


How many products do you have?

Do you have any Google Tool products?

Do you have any Boom platform products?

Do you have any questions or comments about manual edits?

Video Previews

Videos cannot be scraped and downloaded from TpT.  For Video previews, you should upload all of your videos to YouTube or Vimeo.  Then, grab the link and put them in a spreadsheet (I will provide) matching the video preview link to the product.  At that point, I can import the embed of the video preview. We can discuss how this will look based on your theme.


Are you interested in Video Previews?


Combining Woo Data on the Airtable.

I know some of you may already have some information in an Airtable or started uploading products to WooCommerce.

Products already on WooCommerce:

  • If the product has not sold, I recommend just deleting the product and starting from scratch with my process.  It will save us both time.
  • If you have some products that have sold, I will preserve that information and combine it with the product upload process.
  • If your WooCommerce store is brand new, then you do not have to worry about this!

Product Information already on Airtable:

  • If you have an Airtable started, I will work to combine the information from my data scrape with your information.


Do you have products on WooCommerce already?

Do you have an Airtable already created for your products that I need to merge?


I will have to look at the products on your current store and/or your current Airtable to finalize the estimate.  Generally, it adds about an hour of work for each process ($50/hour).

What’s Next?

I will look over your responses and store and finalize the estimated quote and give an estimated timeline.

Note: Any changes in formatting that TpT does can change how my program works. When they change their formatting, I have to then change mine and that generally adds 2-3 days to the project. If that happens, I will reach out and let you know.  I cannot control what code TpT decides to experiment with. 🙂


FORM QUESTIONS: Do you have any other questions about this?


Product Options

Fill out this form as you go or at the end of the training!

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If you don’t have WooCommerce on your site or want to learn more about WooCommerce in general, please visit my other service page.